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May. 30th, 2017 06:58 am
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I just changed the community layout because the original one didn't display user icons at full size, and that just won't do for an icon community. :D

The current one is now Academy for Skittlish Dreams. It looks responsive, as it should, and I hope contrast is high enough for everyone to be able to comfortably read it.

But since we're a bunch of graphics enthusiasts here... does anyone feel like making a Theme for the community?
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We have 35 subscribers now, woot!

21 people took the base poll (at the time I'm posting this. I'm going to leave the poll open). These are the results right now:

Answers to poll question #1 - lj or dw

The majority of people who are still on LJ, but a large part is exclusively on DW now.

Answers to poll question #2 - skills

The majority of people say they're medium to good iconmakers, and we also have beginners and newbies. This distribution is great, because it means we have many good people to share their skills with those who want to learn.

Answers to poll question #3 - expectations

This last one is the most interesting part, of course!

The most popular choices are information about active icon challenges on DW and promos for icon comms.

This means there is a lot of interest for icon challenges! If any of you feel like running an icon challenge comm, this is your chance to go and start one! If you need advice or help, ask. I will of course regularly post the list of current challenges here. I'm counting on all of us to get more challenges started together!

I realize that I didn't phrase the question about icon community promos clearly - does it mean personal icon journals, or challenge comms? I personally would like to avoid having a lot of personal icon journal promos here in this comm. My suggestion is that everyone who has an icon comm where they post their icons can link it in the upcoming friending meme. So we can all subscribe to each others' icon communities, if we want. Also, there's an open community where you can promote your icon community: [community profile] ipromo.

The next point is interaction with other iconmakers. Yay, this is already happening! Every post in this community is an invitation for you to share your work, to ask questions, to squee about icons you've seen, to get to know each other. A few people also mentioned they'd like to add other iconmakers to their circle, which ties into this. I will make a dedicated friending meme post to this community soon.

The next points are icon tutorials and icon challenges to be run within this community. I've already put some thought into this. There are lots of great iconing tutorials around, and I'm planning on going through them and posting links to good ones here. I will also run an icon battle here soon. (If you have requests or battle ideas, let me know!). So those things are all going to happen! :D

Last but not least, people asked for concrit and for the list of current LJ challenges. The concrit comments are always part of the regular posts here (this one, too). So this is ongoing, and nobody is forced to use it, but everyone is welcome to make use of it.

A list of current LJ challenges will be posted regularly, too. I will tag it 'lj', so if you want to keep that off your reading list, you can filter it. But since the majority of people said they have no preference whether challenges are on DW or LJ, I'll definitely post that list. There are still a lot of active communities on LJ, and they all welcome participants with open arms.

So far, so good! Thank you all for joining the community and showing interest in the wonderful hobby of iconmaking!

Feel free to promote this community to your heart's content and tell your friends about it.

[admin post] Admin Post: Welcome, iconmakers!

Apr. 15th, 2017 12:36 pm
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In the recent exodus from LJ, some iconmakers have completely turned their back on LJ. With this community, I'm hoping to give iconmakers a place to gather and chat, to exchange ideas and show each other our icons, and to promote any iconmaking activities going on around here.

I'm sure there are also those who are crossposting, or still actively engaged in the iconmaking community on LJ. The iconmaking community on LJ was, last I checked, determined to stay together on LJ. I support that decision. A community lives by its numbers, and the more people leave, the harder it is to keep interesting activities going. The goal of this community here is not to split the iconmaker community down the middle. So what is it? Let's find out!

To get a sense of what you would like to see, how you see this community developing, please fill out this poll:

Poll #18196 Icontalking base poll
This poll is anonymous.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 30

LJ vs DW

View Answers

DW - I have no (longer an) account on LJ and want to make icons on DW now
10 (34.5%)

LJ - I am an active iconmaker on LJ and want to stay there
2 (6.9%)

Both would be okay
17 (58.6%)

Neither (I am not an iconmaker (yet))
0 (0.0%)


View Answers

Pro - I have been doing this for more than a year
13 (43.3%)

Intermediate - I think I have medium skills
9 (30.0%)

Beginner - I am a beginner at iconmaking
6 (20.0%)

None - I want to learn how to make icons
2 (6.7%)

Other - I am not an iconmaker
0 (0.0%)

What I expect from this community

View Answers

Interaction with other iconmakers
20 (69.0%)

Finding other iconmakers to add to my circle
10 (34.5%)

An up-to-date list of active challenges on DW
25 (86.2%)

An up-to-date list of active challenges on LJ
7 (24.1%)

Icon community promos
21 (72.4%)

Icon challenges to be run here within this community
18 (62.1%)

Icon tutorials
15 (51.7%)

Concrit for my icons
7 (24.1%)

Something else I will tell you in a comment
0 (0.0%)

But of course, this is an iconTALKING community, so go ahead and talk to me! And to each other!

Feel free to promote this community to your heart's content! The more members, the merrier!


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