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The current list of challenges on DW is now up-to-date again.

There are two new arrivals, a new comm and a battle:

The companion to [community profile] ladies10in30
now with male subjects
[community profile] gents10in30 [community profile] gents10in30 [community profile] gents10in30
The first challenge is due September 10th


An icon battle with Best-of-Set voting.
Anyone on Dreamwidth or LJ can join in!
Icons will be due on August 31st

[community profile] dwstills

Join our regular discussion threads:
Last icon you made
Favorite icons you've seen lately
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I've updated the list of current challenges on DW here.

Our Ask The Maker is still running until the end of the month:

There is still lots of time (about two weeks) to ask questions or sign up as a maker. There are currently 7 makers signed up and 2 questions asked!

[personal profile] fueschgast has already finished the first requested tutorial! Yaaaay! Go check it out here.

LJ has also started their Ask The Maker, in case you want to take a look over there:

[livejournal.com profile] icon_talk

Show us your latest creations
Share beautiful icons you found lately
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Drawesome on DW
[community profile] drawesome: A Drawing Community for Fan-Artists

It's not an icon comm, but I thought maybe some of you are interested in drawing, too?
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I've updated the list of challenges on LJ here.

And there's one brandnew comm:

[livejournal.com profile] marvelmade_tv is a two weekly icon challenge community for icons from the MCU television shows
please join the community and join in the fun!
join | info & rules
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How are y'all doing? I judge from the amount of discussion that you all enjoyed our first activity! I'm very happy to hear that, and hope you'll have just as much fun with the second one.

The list of active challenge comms is now up-to-date again.

Even more good news: a new challenge community has seen the light of day:

You claim a theme (be it a single character/person, episode or fandom), and then make 10 icons of that theme in 30 days. One or more women must be present in all your 10 icons.
[community profile] ladies10in30

And another two:

[community profile] spn20in20

[community profile] horror20in20

Show us your latest creations
Share beautiful icons you found lately

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Come join icon that a challenge community for icons!

[personal profile] timetobegin revived the [community profile] iconthat community! Come join, the first challenge is:

" Nostalgia - Dust off those fandoms that are 2, 5, 20 years old! "


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