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Our first activity was a full success! We have no fewer than 14 gorgeous entries! Hover over the icons to see the fandom names.

For everyone who added comments and explanations, those are visible each under their own cuts - including a link to each maker's submission thread, if you want to comment to the makers directly.

Of course you can also comment on this post here, praise, pick favorites, and generally squee about the beautiful icons! *G*

[personal profile] ariane
1 - First 2 - Current 3 - Big 4 - Tiny 5 - Love
1 - First Love: Star Trek /really all Star Trek). My first and oldest fandom, first books ever I read in English and the first thing I searched for when I got online back in 1996.
2 - Current Obsession: Space Above And Beyond. I used to lurk in this fandom in the late 90s/early 00s, reading all the fic. A couple of years ago realized the show had come out on DVD and rewatched, and got just as obsessed again as first time around LOL
3 - Biggest Fandom: The Mummy & The Mummy Returns. This fandom and the tiny but loyal fandom for actor Oded Fehr who played Ardeth Bay (still propably his most beloved character among most fans) in the two movies are sort of one and the same to me - it/they were my main fandom for more than a decade. I love all the characters on the movies, but Ardeth is my favorite. Was biggest for me in the sense I produced most stuff for them, and also it being the most active and friendly corner of fandom I've ever been part of.
4 - Tiny Fandom: Dark Skies, cult tv series from 1996 about the insidious invasion of Earth by aliens. I still love it as much as ever, even if the tiny, tiny fandom there was died out by 2001. Loved to make some icons when the DVDs finally came out some years ago. This is the tiniest fandom in every way I've ever been in - there's only been like 10 pieces of fanfic and I think I'm the only one who's ever done any icons or other graphics...
5 - True Love: Star Trek, my first love, is also my true love :)
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[personal profile] chacusha
1 - First love - Codename: Kids Next Door. There were certainly fandoms that came before this one, where I made (IRL) friends and made fanworks, but this show was my first major fandom experience. It's where I made my first set of online friends and how I got to LiveJournal in the first place, so it has a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, finding high-quality caps was always an issue and apparently still is, so I'm using some old fanart I drew.
2 - Current obsession - Seiken Densetsu series. I love this series. Its whole aesthetic has imprinted on me and I keep returning to it. I also think icons using video game sprites have a lot of easy animated gif potential, so I made an animated icon.
3 - Biggest fandom - A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones. With the HBO series, I think this is now the biggest, but I was more about the book series (illustration by Donato Giancolo).
4 - Tiny fandom - Puyo Puyo. Probably the tiniest fandom I've nevertheless actually made fanworks for. It's a Japanese-mostly game series, with character designs I love (even though I actually really hate these Fever/reboot designs). Rulue is an obsessive narcissistic martial artist drama queen. I love her.
5 - True love - Disney. The thing that's great about Disney is that, as a mega-fandom, it gets a canon update one to two times a year, and doesn't seem like that will stop anytime soon. Going with one of my earliest loves: the centaur segment from Fantasia.
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[personal profile] dreamwriteremmy
1. First Love - Redwall by Brian Jacques - This one was tough to decide because I got into my first 3 fandoms that I was fannish in (Harry Potter, Redwall, LOTR) all around the same time.
2. Current Obsession - The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air) - I just love the surrealness of this fandom. This quote is quite possibly one of my favorite lines in the first season.
3. Biggest Fandom - Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney - I'm pretty sure Ace Attorney is one of the bigger fandoms I have.
4. Tiny Fandom - Suki: A Like Story by CLAMP - This manga goes into the slightly creepy territory common in some of CLAMP's works, but I saw lot of myself in this really short series. Because cute childish girl with teddy bear companions.
5. True Love - Welcome to Night Vale - I think i'll always fangirl Night Vale because while some things are problematic, they do A LOT of things right. :)
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[personal profile] fueschgast
1 - First 2 - Current 3 - Big 4 - Tiny 5 - Love
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[personal profile] lavenderspark
1 - First Fandom - X-Files was the first show that I *had* to watch every week. It was tough going in the beginning since I was pretty young and my mom usually made me go to bed before it was over. :( I tried to stick it out after David left, but I hated what they did to Scully. I felt they tried to make her the new Mulder and it just didn't work for me. I gave up after the first season with no Mulder. I DID watch both movies and am absolutely ecstatic that they've brought it back! Even if the new full series doesn't have Gillian and David, I'll give it a shot.
2 - Current Obsession - Emerald City was an AMAZING show. The characters were great, the cinematography was stunning, the plot was solid... I could go on forever. I'm very sad NBC decided to cancel it. :( But I've got my stash of screen caps and piles of lines from the show to make icons!
3 - Biggest Fandom - Once Upon a Time has a GIANT fandom. The first fanfic I ever read was for OUaT. And while I still love the show, I'm starting to feel like it's run it's course. The main conflict of the show is miscommunication/lack of communication between characters. It's just getting annoying at this point. And a musical episode? Really? It works for some shows, and I get it, it's Disney, but it really did NOT work for this show. But I'm sure the fandom will live on.
4 - Tiny Fandom - Legion (the TV show, not the comic) has only 44 fanfics (that I could find) on AO3 and FF *combined* and zero screencaps. I made some from some promos I found online just to be able to make some icons. I'm sure it will probably pick up since this was the first season of the show and the comic seems to have a fairly decent following. The show is amazing though. It's part of the X-Men universe, David is the main character and has been told his whole life that he's schizophrenic. He's spent most of his life in and out of rehab/mental institutions. Then one day he finds out he has amazing mental abilities, he's not sick, he's gifted. So he joins a group of others with special abilities of their own to learn how to use his powers. It's set in the late seventies/early eighties and has a very nostalgic feel to it. Aubrey Plaza is fantastic in this and is one of my favorite characters on the show. I'm excited for next season!
5 - True Love - Labyrinth is one of those movies that I watched as a kid that stuck with me forever. Discovering the fandom as an adult has given me a new love of the movie and it's
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[personal profile] rolliraserin
tiny fandom - anne of green gables - especially the 80s tv version, but I know every version *lol*
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[personal profile] sallymn
1 - First 2 - Current 3 - Big 4 - Tiny 5 - Love

Bearing in mind that I am an inveterate finder and lover of closed fandoms, quite often long after they have closed and the shiny newness has gone.
1. First Love - First real fandom was Blakes 7... and it was all about the Blake/Avon love, it was :)
2. Current Obsession - I'm not sure about obsession, but my most recent fandom - and the one I haven't yet managed to read everything I want for - is Merlin.
3. Biggest Fandom - Umm. The two first Stargate series would probably win this one... so here's SG1 - Daniel, because we share books and history :)
4. Tiny Fandoms - Arthur of the Britains, as different from Merlin's Arthur as you can get... 70s-style ancient Britons. The blonde - Kai - was sooo one of my first fannish crushes :)
5. True Love - But, but... they're all true loves! Oh well, if I had to choose just one fannish character to love, I'd dither for a lifetime, but I do think it might be Magnificent 7's Ezra...
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[personal profile] sheliak
1. First Love - Land of Oz! This was one of the great passions of my childhood, and I was delighted to find that it has a fandom of sorts, albeit a small one. (Also, one of the very first fandoms I tried iconning for.)
2. Current Obsession - X-Men! Also more or less my obsession for the last decade. But I've just started making icons for this fandom, and it is such a great one for icons!
3. Biggest Fandom - Star Trek! (The books are, admittedly, not the biggest part of the fandom. But they're one of my favorite corners of it. And I haven't learned to make icons from screencaps yet.)
4. Tiny Fandom - Chronicles of the Kencyrath! One of the most gloriously weird book series I've ever read.
5. True Love - X-Men (again!) I've loved these characters for a decade, and I don't think I'll ever really stop.
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[personal profile] st_aurafina
1. First love - X-men - (I really loved this sequence in the first X-Men movie, when old!Charles and old!Erik are talking on a walkway. It sets up the chemistry so well.)
2. Current obsession: American Gods - (This show is all so iconable, seriously. Everyone is beautiful, and every shot is well framed. And Gillian Anderson as Media is killing me with the awesome.) 3. Biggest: Doctor Who - (Should have really been under first love, but it is the biggest fandom too.)
4. Tiny fandom: The Middleman - (This ridiculous, geek-aware, family-friendly show! I wish it had had seven seasons and a movie. Lacey and Wendy are the best f/f friendship in the world.)
5. True love: Person of Interest - (Ugh, this show will have my heart forever, ISTG.)
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[personal profile] teyla
1 - First 2 - Current 3 - Big 4 - Tiny 5 - Love
1) First Love I started out with a classic: Star Trek TOS. I'm still a big fan, and get very nostalgic about these characters and the universe.
2) Current Obsession With The Thick of It, I've recently stumbled into a tiny, mostly dead fandom. It's so clever, though, and hilarious, and there's great fic! If you're into political satire and swearing, you should check it out. To get the joke in this icon, it's useful to know that the character shown a) is named Malcolm Tucker, and b) is known for swearing a lot.
3) Biggest Fandom I've been in a number of big ones, but the one that felt most overwhelming was Supernatural. It was also extremely frustrating, not so much due to the fandom, but due to the canon. Over time, Donna and Jodi became my favorites, despite the fact that they're side characters, so I've iconed those two.
4) Tiny Fandom I have to admit, I'm not really very active in the Sense8 fandom, but the show is utterly delightful and should be watched by more people. Depicted is my second favorite character, Lito Rodriguez, drunk-texting his boyfriend Hernando Fuentes (my favorite character) after they temporarily break up. It's an adorable scene. <3
5) True Love I always come back to Doctor Who. It was difficult to choose whom or what to icon here, because there are so many characters. In the end, I went with the single one consistent motive in the show.
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[personal profile] threedices
1 First Love - Earth: Final Conflict - A series about aliens that are not as benevolent as they portray themselves as. Intrigue, subterfuge, and interesting ambivalent morals, at least at first, then it begins to lean more and more towards action. Only one main character made it through to the finale. Most people live in denial about the existance of the fifth season. I fell for Da'an's character first, but Zo'or is the antagonist with a troubled childhood that set a trend for my usual suspects in fandom.
2 Current Obsession - Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - This is an anime about a kid who learns he is supposed to become a Mafia boss.
Mukuro is the antagonist of the first arc, and kind of becomes a sort of-maybe ally, later on.
Wants to possess the MCs body. Very creepy, but also pretty.
3 Biggest Fandom - Naruto - Naruto, really big anime, about an orphaned boy who wants to be ackowleged by everyone.
I like redheads and Kushina was really cool, what we saw of her.
4 Tiny Fandom - Queen at Arms - This one is a game, a Visual Novel, where you play a princess raised as a boy, who rises to become Commander of the current King's army. You can pick one of the Love interests or just try to fix things with your brother. I love it to bits.
Unfortunately, it's so tiny there is only one fanfic I know of and a handful of fanarts. Quotes are okay, right?
5 True Love - Shoichi and Spanner from Reborn. They're cute together and I ship it. They have also such a great (implied) friendship.
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[personal profile] timetobegin
First Love - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Current Obsession - Shadowhunters, although i was tempted by Lucifer as well
Biggest Fandom - Teen Wolf was probably the biggest, but i could make a good case for Stargate or Star Trek as well
Tiny Fandom - Wynonna Earp (not sure how tiny, but i don't see it around much)
True Love - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I think Urban Fantasy is my thing lol.
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[personal profile] tinny
1 - First 2 - Current 3 - Big 4 - Tiny 5 - Love
I didn't actually plan on making icons for this activity, but then it tickled me after all. Here they are: my fandoms!
1. First Fandom - Northern Exposure - I debated long and hard which fandom to count as my first. I decided to choose the one where I first accessed the Internet and tried to interact with other fans. I lurked for ages and then wrote one usenet post, so I'm guessing that was the first time I actively participated in fandom. Yay. :D
2. Current Obsession - Timeless - It was cancelled! And then un-cancelled! Last week was such a ride. The show is awesome and amazing and funny and does so well portraying LGBT people and racism throughout history, and I love it to bits.
3. Biggest Fandom - Supernatural - It's supposed to be a cult show with a small cult following, but that's not what it feels like when you look at the amount of art and fic that is being created for this show. I have watched it on and off, but even when I'm not actively following canon, I still read Destiel big bangs.
4. Tiny Fandom - You Me Her - Lovely quirky show about three people who fall in love with each other. Very suburban, cute, and Portlandian. I love how easy it was to identify with the characters. A beautiful little show I definitely recommend.
5. True Love - Farscape - John and Aeryn are my permanent OTP. The show was funny and ridiculous and weird and wonderful. So far, nobody has been able to replace them, not even the Librarians' Flynn and Eve, who have prompted an unprecedented number of icons from me. I love them, too, but John and Aeryn are somehow impossible to dethrone.
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[personal profile] tree
1. anne of green gables — l.m. montgomery; thus began my relationship with Important Fictional Redheads.
2. longmire; it's all katee sackhoff's fault. vic moretti must be protected at all costs.
3. star trek: voyager; (maybe not voyager itself, but i'm taking liberties and saying it counts as part of the trek universe as a whole, heh.) kathryn janeway ruined my life. also i really love kes.
4. north and south — elizabeth gaskell; restrained victorian desire and social commentary: double-barrelled weakness. (i cheated with this one as i used the same style and text on an icon in a different fandom a while ago.)
5. pride and prejudice — jane austen; no matter how many times i read it, it never disappoints. (this one was the most difficult because i don't particularly like any of the adaptations. the illustration is from the marvel comic by sonny liew.)
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Aw, these are all so beautiful - and such a lot of enthusiasm and love in one post! <3


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