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1 First Love
Earth: Final Conflict.

A series about aliens that are not as benevolent as they portray themselves as. Intrigue, subterfuge, and interesting ambivalent morals, at least at first, then it begins to leans more and more towards action. Only one main character made it through to the finale. Most people live in denial about the existance of the fifth season.
I fell for Da'an's character first, but Zo'or is the antagonist with a troubled childhood that set a trend for my usual suspects in fandom.

2 Current Obsession
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

This is an anime about a kid who learns he is supposed to become a Mafia boss.
Mukuro is the antagonist of the first arc, and kind of becomes a sort of-maybe ally, later on.
Wants to possess the MCs body. Very creepy, but also pretty.

3 Biggest Fandom

Naruto, really big anime, about an orphaned boy who wants to be ackowleged by everyone.
I like redheads and Kushina was really cool, what we saw of her.

4 Tiny Fandom
Queen at Arms
This one is a game, a Visual Novel, where you play a princess raised as a boy, who rises to become Commander of the current King's army. You can pick one of the Love interests or just try to fix things with your brother. I love it to bits.
Unfortunately, it's so tiny there is only one fnfic I know of and a handful of fanarts.
Quotes are okay, right?

5 True Love
Shoichi and Spanner from Reborn. They're cute together and I ship it. They have also such a great (implied) friendship.

Sorry, I ran out of steam somewhere along the way. ^^'
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